A Prayer for Ministry to my Spirit.

Dear Abba Father,

I am asking You to minister to my spirit at this very moment.

Where there is pain, give me Your peace and mercy. Where there is self doubting, release a renewed confidence in Your ability to work through me.

Where there is tiredness, or exhaustion, I ask You to give me understanding, patience, and strength as I learn submission to Your leading.

Where there is spiritual stagnation, I ask You to renew me by revealing Your nearness, and by drawing me into greater intimacy with You.

Where there is fear, reveal Your love, and release to me Your courage. Where there is an issue blocking me, reveal it, and break its hold over my life.

Bless my finances, give me greater vision, and raise up leaders, and friends to support, and encourage me. Give me discernment to recognize the evil forces around me, and reveal to me the power I have in You to defeat it.

I ask You to do these things in Jesus' name. AMEN.

I confess today that I am a sinner.

Heavenly Father, I humble myself before you as I enter into your courts.

Father, I first want to thank you for another chance to say "thank you". Thank you for Jesus and for his sacrifice. Thank you for salvation. Thank you for the blessings of love and friendship.

Father, I honor you and worship you for your faithfulness. Your very nature is forever faithful.

Your love and kindness towards me, your tender mercies are received unto a grateful heart day after day. You are a loving God and I worship and praise you for loving me in spite of myself.

Father, you are everything to me.

Father, I come bearing the burdens of this child of yours.

I ask that you address all of my concerns as you see fit. Father, even grant the desires of our hearts that may be used for your glorification. We exalt you Dear God. We want to keep you high and lifted up.

We remember Calvary and confess that without Jesus, we are nothing. All the sins and filth that we have done and carried throughout our lives should have us in a position of death, but you saw fit to come to us, to send forth your Son clothed in flesh to be beaten, bruised, battered, mocked, nailed to a cross and pierced in his side for our transgressions and our iniquities.

Oh Father, forgive us You love us while we are yet sinners. I confess today that I am a sinner and repent today of all that I may have done that is unpleasing to you. Cleanse me today God. Purge me in your precious Holy Spirit that I may walk upright proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ boldly and without meekness.

Father, I also stand praying for those who are too weak to ask for help. Father, I ask that you would send healing where needed and strength were weakness has become prevalent. Father, grant blessings of peace to the weary hearts. Father, empower ministries and birth visions as you have purposed.

We love you Jesus and we will forever sing your praises. It is that name that carries all power, that name that will cause knees to bow and tongues to confess. In the mighty and matchless name of our Lord, King and soon coming saviour,Jesus Christ that I lift this prayer and say Amen.

Spiritual Prayer

Father in the Name of Jesus,

I superimpose your prophetic purposes concerning my life over and against all demonic and satanic activities. I destroy any manifestation, operation, manipulation, resistance, limitation, exploitation, set-back, disappointment, fear, spell, unscriptural prayer and desire, every demonic and satanic demand and claim upon my life. Furthermore I uproot and destroy any assignment of the enemy whatsoever to hinder Gods prophetic purposes for my life in the Name of Jesus.

I superimpose the prophetic purposes of God over the fear of the unknown; over the walls of opposition and resistance, and over satanic and demonic predictions and projections in the name of Jesus.I plead the Blood of Jesus against persons without bodies assigned to frustrate, hinder and to disorganize me in any shape or form in the Name of Jesus. I plead the Blood of Jesus against them , and by the blood,  I nullify, I overrule, I cancel, I revoke and reverse any death wish, and all of their decisions against them. By the Blood of Jesus, I halt any accusing fingers, I silence the voice of the accuser in the Name of Jesus, the Son of the living God. AMEN.

Galatians 3:28 NIV

“There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

9 Prayers That Will Get You That Dream Job


“Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great
and hidden things that you have not known.” – Jer. 33 v 3 (ESV).

This Prayers Will :-

1.) Destroy all satanic barriers hindering your blessings in the spirit.

2.)“Magnetize” the miracle job to her as she kept firing the prayer bullets…

1.   I command spirit of failure at the edge of breakthrough to die in the name of Jesus.

2.  Gates of employment whatever is holding you from real manifestation in my life, by the unchallengeable power of God, crash and open in the name of Jesus.

3.   May divine harvest fall and fill my life in Jesus name

4.   Power and anointing to get the ??? job fall upon me in Jesus mighty name

5.   O Lord my Father, speak mercy and favor to my ??? job situation in Jesus name.

6.    O Lord roll-away every barrier to my ?? job in Jesus name.

7.    O Lord in Heaven, I plead the Blood of Jesus upon my job situation and ask for favor to come upon me during the interview in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

8.    I reject the spirit of the tail in my employment and I claim the spirit of the head in the Name of Jesus.

9.  I claim the power to overcome and to excel among all the ??? job competitors in the Name of Jesus.

Brethren join me in thanking God who is able to do exceedingly above what we pray or think.